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SSHA Constitution - Other Committees

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Other Committees
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V. Other Committees

  1. There shall be two standing committees: publications committee and program committee.
  2. The President shall appoint the chair of the publications committee, and the Vice President shall appoint the program committee chair/cochair responsible for producing the program for the subsequent year. The networks will select representatives to serve on the program committee. The members of the Publications Committee other than the chair shall be elected by the members of the Association for staggered three-year terms.
  3. Members of the Association may organize as networks around topics of interest, and those networks shall be represented on the Program Committee.
  4. The President may appoint ad hoc committees as needed or as recommended by the Executive Committee. Nothing shall prevent committees from establishing subcommittees that extend beyond the membership with the approval of the President. Officers of the Association may sit as ex officio members of any committee.



The Deadline for Submission has been extended to March 17!