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SSHA Constitution - Meetings

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VI. Meetings

  1. The annual and other meetings of the Association shall be held at such time and place as determined by the Executive Committee. Adequate notice of such time and place shall be given to members in the print or electronic publications of the Association and also through electronic communications from the Executive Director or the Treasurer at least one month before such meetings.
  2. Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Executive Committee.
  3. Any nonprocedural motions introduced and passed at meetings of the Association will be referred to the membership of the Association by electronic ballot for final approval or rejection.
  4. Meetings of the Executive Committee or the Officers of the Association shall be called by the President of the Association or at the request of four members of the Executive Committee; all announcements shall be made through the office of the Executive Director.



The Deadline for Submission has been extended to March 17!