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III. Officers

A. President

1. For election see Constitution.

2. Duties:

  • Represent Association for year of presidency.
  • Aid program chairs.Preside at Executive Committee business meetings.
  • Consult with Executive Committee or other appropriate committees and ExecutiveDirector as problems arise during year of presidency.
  • Deliver Presidential Address at annual meeting.

3. Occupies the complimentary "Presidential Suite" provided to the Association, at the meeting in which this person's presidential address is given (2-bedroom suite has traditionally been shared with the Executive Director).

B. Vice President

1. For election see Constitution.

2. Committee selections:

  • Co-chairs of Program Committee.
  • Five-member Nominating Committee (including one person designated as chair).
  • Two members of the Alan Sharlin Memorial Award Committee.
  • Chair of Publications Committee.
  • Timetable for selections: Chair and co-chair of Program Committee in mid-summer (i.e., sixteen months before the date of the program for which they are responsible.) Nominating Committee should be appointed by the Spring before the annual meeting. (Both Program and Nominating Committees meet during the annual meeting just preceding their ascension to office. Committee chair(s) and members should be aware of that when selected. Appointment could even be earlier so that these committee members could plan to give a paper at the meeting). Sharlin Committee members also by late summer preceding the annual meeting which initiates first year of two- year term. At same time, appoints chair of Sharlin Committee for the following year/usually chosen from cohort about to serve second year of term on committee.(Full Sharlin Committee may meet at annual meeting, so appointment of replacement member is best done before start of that meeting). Chair of Publications Committee should be appointed by time of annual meeting.
  • It is best to telephone possible appointees as mail is too slow and it is easier to be persuasive by telephone.
  • Inform Executive Director of Program co-chairs and Nominating Committee appointments by July 15 so that names of appointees can go into that year's Program. Send full addresses of nominees when communicating names to Executive Director.

3. Chairs annual business meeting at plenary session from "head table" that also seats outgoing President, Executive Director, Treasurer, incoming Vice President, co-chairs of following year's Program Committee, editor(s) of SOCIAL SCIENCE HISTORY, chair of SSHA - Rockefeller Travel Award selection committee, and the two Book Award Committee chairs. Agenda includes thanking the program chairs and committee for current meeting, thanking local arrangements and other committees, report from Executive Director, reports from President's Book Award and Sharlin Award committee chairs (in which winners are announced and awards presented), awarding of SSHA Rockefeller Graduate Student Travel awards, other reports, awards, or business, and introduction of outgoing President for the Presidential Address.

4. Accedes to presidency after predecessor's Presidential Address.

C. Treasurer

1. For election see Constitution.

2. Oversight of Association finances. Receives copies of checks written by Executive Director.

3. Reports on Association finances to Executive Committee. Provides recommendations on financial matters to Executive Committee.

D. Executive Director

1. For election see Constitution.

2. Arranges site for annual meeting in cooperation with Indiana University Conferences.

3. In charge of all mailings to membership.

4. Sends out ballot, announces election results at Annual Business meeting

5. Responsible for providing the Executive Committee with all needed papers, documents, and information for official committee actions, being present at all Executive Committee meetings, and keeping minutes of those meetings.

6. Responsible for operating budget of Association: day-to-day management of accounts receivable and disbursements, preparation of annual budget report.

7. Represents Association with Duke University Press for publication of SOCIAL SCIENCE HISTORY Journal.

8. Compensation from Association currently $4000 per year.


1. Selected by the Publications Committee for term of five years, if possible. Selects associate editor if there is to be one.

2. Responsible for selection of articles (including refereeing process), preparation for publication, and sending manuscripts to Duke University Press.

3. Editor’s expenses, including editorial assistant, time compensation for editor, postage and telephone are borne jointly by the association, Duke University Press, and the editor’s home institution. Currently the association and Duke each pay ca. $4,200 per annum to the editor’s home institution to help defray expenses of the editorial office.

4. Special issue editors are encouraged.