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2011 Participant Guidelines

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Social Science History Association
Guidelines for Participants in the 36th Annual SSHA Conference
Boston, Massachusetts USA November 17-20, 2011

Welcome and thank you for your participation in SSHA’s 36th Annual Conference, “Generation to Generation.” Below you will find general guidelines for SSHA conference participation, including information for chairs, discussants, paper presenters, poster presenters, and book session participants. Please use this information as you prepare for the conference.  Each participant must be a SSHA member in good standing and must register separately for the conference.  Information on SSHA membership ($70 for individuals and $25 for students) is available at http://www.dukeupress.edu/ssha/.  Conference registration will open soon.  We anticipate a small increase in the cost of conference registration over last year's $130 fee.

Chairs ensure the session runs efficiently and productively. The chair is responsible for introducing the session and its participants, enforcing time limits for presentations (both papers and comments), and leaving ample time for questions from the audience. Each session is two hours. The chair is responsible for telling panelists and discussants in advance how much time they will have for their presen tation. For 3-paper sessions, a reasonable time limit might be 20-25 minutes per presenter, for 4-paper sessions, 15-20 minutes. After the paper presentations, the discussant (or discussants) should be allowed sufficient time to comment on the paper presentations, with ample time reserved for questions from the audience as well (around 30 minutes). Keep in mind that time is often lost between speakers for technical setup or adjustment, with the result that presentations typically take a few minutes longer than their expressed time limit.

Paper Authors:
Authors should send electronic or hard copies of their papers (and a brief bio) to the discussant(s) and chair of their panels no later than October 1. This will give your discussant(s) sufficient time to read the paper and prepare constructive comments. Discussants’ emails are located in the online program. Each session is two hours in length; your chair will communicate to you how much time you will have for your paper presentation.

Discussants critically and constructively evaluate and comment on the panel’s papers. SSHA has asked all paper givers to send papers directly to their discussants by October 1 as to provide you with abundant opportunity to read and reflect on the papers. If you do not receive a copy of a paper, we encourage you to contact the author directly. Authors’ emails may be found in the online program.

Book Session Organizers:
Session organizers are responsible for coordinating with authors to make sure all participants have a copy of the book well in advance of the conference date.

Questions about Guidelines:
If you have any questions concerning the roles and responsibilities of SSHA participants, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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The Deadline for Submission has been extended to March 17!