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Network Representatives:

The Politics Network invites scholarship on political development, mobilization, contention and conflict. Sessions listed with the Politics Network are frequently cross-listed with other networks, especially States and Society.

In keeping with the traditions of the SSHA we encourage interdisciplinary panels and welcome paper submissions from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. While complete panel proposals (at least four papers, a chair, and a discussant) are preferred, we will also do our best to place high-quality individual paper submissions. To aid in this effort, if you would like to submit an individual paper, we greatly appreciate the inclusion of suggestions (with contact information) as to possible panel chairs and discussants. We also encourage anyone submitting an individual paper to invite other scholars who are working on related topics to submit papers as well.

The submission deadline is February 20, 2016; submissions can be made via the following link: http://prd.sshaconference.org/. Works that align with the 2016 conference theme, knowledge production & interdisciplinarity, are particularly welcome. This year the network is also interested in works on the following topics:

  • new social & civil rights movements
  • the politics of immigration, religion, race/ethnicity, gender & sexuality
  • politics, violence & surveillance
  • party politics, especially the US primaries & upcoming presidential election
  • global contentious politics & cross-regional comparisons
  • the political dimensions of economic inequality
  • politics & finance/financialization
  • the politics of health & medicine
  • the political implications of big data, computational social science & new media
  • the linkages between politics, production networks & global value chains
  • politics, climate science & climate change
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