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Home News SSHAers Ship Onboard the Queen Mary in November 2009 for 34th Annual Conference

SSHAers Ship Onboard the Queen Mary in November 2009 for 34th Annual Conference

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This year’s SSHA conference, centered around “Agency and Action,” took place on the Queen Mary, docked at Long Beach, California, November 12-15th, 2009.

Seven hundred thirty-three registrants attended 191 panels, from the first Panel A1: “Agency in Culture,” the first listed Thursday noon opener, to the chronological closer Panel Q16: “The Uneasy Relationship between Feminism and Passivity in the West.” Between those bookends, an astonishing range of work was on display.

Julia Adams’ presidential address, “1-800-How-Am-I-Driving? Agency in Social Science History,” available, with images, in audio format, will be published in extended form in Social Science History in 2010.

Four Presidential Panels honored the generative intellectual legacies of Charles Tilly and Louise Tilly in social science history and the historical social sciences. A comment by Eric Hobsbawm was one highlight of the panels. The panels took place with the award of the first Tilly Prize for the Best Graduate Paper in Social Science History. For the co-winners of that award, as well as the Allan Sharlin and President’s Book Award winners, click the Awards link.

This was the SSHA’s first time on the Queen Mary – or any ship – and some conference participants enjoyed touring the less accessible among the ship’s twelve decks. Whether our passengers witnessed any of the paranormal activity hinted at in the Queen Mary’s publicity, only they can tell. But we all appreciated her fascinating history and air of grandeur.

See you in Chicago in 2010!



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