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2015 President's Book Award

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The Social Science History Association announces the annual President's Book Award of $1000.  The prize rewards an especially meritorious first work by a beginning scholar.

The prize rewards an especially meritorious book that is an author’s first monograph. The book must bear a copyright date of the year before the year in which the award is made. For example, the 2018 award will go to a book with a 2017 copyright. To recognize an early career scholar, the winning author must be within eight years of receiving the Ph.D.

Scholars who have a previously-published book are not eligible for this award. Entrants will be judged on the criteria of scholarly significance, interdisciplinary reach, and methodological innovativeness, within the broad category of monographs analyzing past structures and events and change over time. SSHA invites studies of family and demography, popular mentalities, political economy, state-society relationships, electoral and legislative behavior, and the history of the social and behavioral sciences; other substantive realms may also be represented. The Association includes in consideration theoretically-informed accounts examined from quantitative, interpretive, and other perspectives.

Authors or their publishers may choose to enter a book in either the President’s Book Award competition or the Allan Sharlin Memorial Award competition, but may not enter their book in both SSHA award competitions.

Announcement of the winner of the 2015 President’s Book Award will be made at the November 2015 meeting of the Social Science History Association in Baltimore, MD, USA, November 12-15, 2015

Award Committee:

John Murray
Susannah Ottaway
Vanessa Ogle 







The Deadline for Submission has been extended to March 17!