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Past Officers 2011-2012 - Executive Committee

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Past Officers 2011-2012
Executive Committee
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Sharlin Memorial Award Committee
President's Book Award Committee
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Executive Committee

Term Expires 2012

Sylvia Pedraza
University of Michigan (Sociology)

Alice O'Connor
University of California Santa Barbara(History)

Trent Alexander
University of Minnesota (Minnesota Population Center)

Term Expires 2013

Mabel Berezin
Cornell University (Sociology)

J. David Hacker
Binghamton University (History)

Monica Prasad
Northwestern University (Sociology)

Term Expires 2014

Danielle Gauvreau
Concordia University (Sociology and Anthropology)

Michelle Mouton
University of Wisconsin Oshkoh (History)

Greta Krippner
University of Michigan (Sociology)

Current Officers

William Sewell
University of Chicago (Political Science & History)

Vice President
Elisabeth S. Clemens
University of Chicago (Sociology)

Executive Director
William C. Block
Cornell University (CISER)

Philip VanderMeer
Arizona State University (History)


Immediate Three Past Presidents

George Alter
University of Michigan (History)

Ann Orloff
Northwestern University (Sociology, Gender Studies, and Political Science)

Julia Adams
Yale University (Sociology)

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