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Current Officers - Executive Committee

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Current Officers
Executive Committee
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Executive Committee

Term Expires 2015

Eileen Boris
University of Santa Barbara (Feminist Studies)

Tommy Bengtsson
Centre for Economic Demography

John Murray
Rhodes College (Economics)

Term Expires 2016

Ajay Mehrotra
Indiana University (Law / History)

Tessie Liu
Northwestern University (History and Gender Studies)

Pavla Miller
RMIT University (Global, Urban and Social Studies)

Term Expires 2017
Rebecca Emigh
UCLA (Sociology)

Kris Inwood
University of Guelph (Economics and History)
Ken Sylvester
University of Michigan (ICPSR)

Current Officers

Susan Carter
University of California (Economics)

Vice President
Myron Gutmann
University of Colorado (History)

Executive Director
William C. Block
Cornell University (CISER)

Philip VanderMeer
Arizona State University (History)

Immediate Three Past Presidents

Tom Sugre
University of Pennsylvania (History)

Elizabeth S. Clemens
University of Chicago (Sociology)

William Sewell
University of Chicago (Political Science & History)