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SSHA 2023 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
Washington DC, USA

The Social Science History Association is an interdisciplinary organization that publishes a journal, Social Science History, organizes an annual conference, supports graduate student travel to the conference, and awards book and article prizes.

With scholars from history, economics, sociology, demography, anthropology, and other social sciences, the association brings together scholars in thematic networks where they can explore common questions.

Each network organizes its own call for papers and selects the bulk of the papers to be presented at the annual conference. This open, flexible, and non-hierarchical structure makes these networks particularly welcoming spaces for younger scholars and invigorating tonic for more seasoned academics.

SSHA 2022 Conference Award Winners

Allan Sharlin Memorial Book Award

Book Award Winner

Honorable Mention


Martha Wilfahrt
Precolonial Legacies in Postcolonial Politics. Representation and Redistribution in Decentralized West Africa.
Cambridge University Press
(August 2021)

Elisabeth Anderson
Agents of Reform: Child Labor and the Origins of the Welfare State.
Princeton University Press
(October 12, 2021)

Founders Prize

Hyun Hye Bae and Lance Freeman
"Residential Segregation at the Dawn of the Great Migration: Evidence from the 1910 and 1920 Census."
Social Science History  Volume 45, Issue 1 (Spring 2021), pp. 27-53.

Graduate Student Paper Prize

Kerice Doten-Snitker
"Contexts of State Violence: Jewish Expulsions in the Holy Roman Empire."
Social Science History  Volume 45, Issue 1 (Spring 2021), pp. 131-163.


Conference Updates from SSHA President Anne McCants

Please read SSHA President Anne McCants’s letter on the 2023 annual conference (see link below). Anne provides updated information on this year’s conference format, new registration fees, and the extended submission deadline which is fast approaching.

Conference updates from SSHA President Anne McCants

2023 Conference Submission Deadline Extended

The deadline for submissions has been extended to March 17th. There’s still time! Please visit to submit a paper or session proposal by March 17th for the 2023 SSHA Annual Conference in Washington DC.

Submission Portal

2023 Annual Conference submissions now open

SSHA is now accepting paper and session submissions for the 2023 Annual Conference. Please visit our submission portal to submit a paper or session proposal by March 1, 2023.

Submission Portal

Standard of Living
Essays on Economics, History, and Religion
in Honor of John E. Murray


Please read about a new anthology that honors the life and work of American economist John E. Murray, a long-time member of and dear friend to the Social Science History Association.

In Honor of John E. Murray

SSHA Call for Papers

49th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association

Washington DC, USA, November 16-19, 2023
Submission Deadline: March 1, 2023

Pursuits of Wellbeing

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