Preserving the Past, Advancing the Future

Our fundraising campaign

Please donate to the Association’s four-year campaign: Preserving the Past, Advancing the Future.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $150,000 from our members to ensure that our support for graduate student travel is sustainable and expanded, that our book prizes remain funded, and that we can build our reserves to advance the organization’s mission and protect our future. We have designed the fundraising campaign so that everyone can participate. With as little as $10 or $25 dollars a month for four years (or lump sum payments of $100 or $250 per year), individuals can make a real difference. For those whose four-year pledge meets or exceeds $2,500, we invite you to join the Leadership Circle.

The Supporters’ Circle
- Pledge between $100 and $499 over a 4 year period

The Friends’ Circle
- Pledge at least $500 but less than $2,500 over a 4 year period

The Leadership Circle
- Pledge of $2,500 or more spread over the entire 4 year period

On the pledge button, you will also be able to indicate if you would like your pledge earmarked for a specific fund or whether we may put it in the General Fund.

For those who wish to directly to sponsor a named endowment for a graduate student travel grant, please contact the Executive Director, Bill Block directly (block at cornell dot edu). For US based individuals fixing federal taxes, the donations are tax deductible because the SSHA has 401c3 status.

Thank you for supporting the SSHA! And check back here in May 2018 for the roster of those joining our pledge circles (not disclosing exactly how much they’ve pledged, only the pledge level).


The call for papers for the 2019 conference is now available.

The official program for SSHA 2018 is now available.

SSHA 2019 will be held in Chicago, November 21-24, 2019.

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