SSH Editors and Editorial Board


Kris Inwood, Economics and History, Guelph University, Canada
Rebecca Jean Emigh, Sociology, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Managing Editor

Jeffrey K. Beemer, Sociology, Social Science History Association, USA

Editorial Board

Amy Kate Bailey, Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Andrew Curley, Geography, University of Arizona, USA
Martin Dribe, Economic Demography, Lund University, Sweden
Lance Freeman, Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Danielle Gauvreau, Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University, Canada
Joseph Jewell, Sociology, Texas A&M University, USA
Kimberley Johnson, Political Science, New York University, USA
Susan Leonard, ICPSR, University of Michigan, USA
Robert Lieberman, Political Science, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Mary Jo Maynes, History, University of Minnesota, USA
Angel Adams Parham, Sociology, University of Virginia, USA
Tawney Paul, History, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Silvia Pedraza, Sociology, University of Michigan, USA
Tirthankar Roy, Economic History, London School of Economics, UK
Sakari Saaritsa, Economic and Social History, University of Helsinki, Finland
Carol Shiue, Economics, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
Ken Sylvester, History, ICPSR and University of Michigan-Flint, USA
Jessica Vechbanyongratana, Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Marlous van Waijenburg, Economics, Harvard University, USA
Dingxin Zhao, Sociology, University of Chicago, USA


SSH Call for Papers!

Social Science History announces a new series, Advances in Data and Methods. We invite research articles & review essays that propose, develop or explain new or recently articulated sources and/or methodological techniques for use in social science history.

For more information, please visit:

SSH Call for Papers

Conference Updates from SSHA President Anne McCants

Please read SSHA President Anne McCants’s letter on the 2023 annual conference (see link below). Anne provides updated information on this year’s conference format and new registration fees.

Conference updates from SSHA President Anne McCants

SSHA Call for Papers

49th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association

Washington DC, USA, November 16-19, 2023
The submission deadline has now expired.

Pursuits of Wellbeing

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