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SSHA Executive Committee Statement on Racism and History

The Social Science History Association is an interdisciplinary organization that publishes a journal, Social Science History, organizes an annual conference, supports graduate student travel to the conference, and awards book and article prizes.

With scholars from history, economics, sociology, demography, anthropology, and other social sciences, the association brings together scholars in thematic networks where they can explore common questions.

Each network organizes its own call for papers and selects the bulk of the papers to be presented at the annual conference. This open, flexible, and non-hierarchical structure makes these networks particularly welcoming spaces for younger scholars and invigorating tonic for more seasoned academics.

SSHA 2019 Conference Award Winners

Presidents Book Award

Allan Sharlin Memorial Book Award

Founders Prize


Social Science History is Back in Print

Cambridge University Press has resumed printing Social Science History. Issues will roll out gradually over the next several months, beginning with earlier issues followed by more recently published issues. We will keep you updated of any changes as circumstances warrant. The SSH editorial office and Cambridge University Press thank you all for your patience during this time!


The SSHA Executive Committee has voted to endorse the following statement on racism and history:

SSHA Executive Committee Statement on Racism and History

SSHA 2020 update and Covid-19

Planning for the 2020 annual meeting continues! We have an exciting meeting planned around the theme of “Politics, Society, and the Economy: the Past and Today”, and November is far enough in the future that it makes sense to continue planning our meeting as usual at the present time. For more information and latest program updates please visit: 2020 SSHA Program

2020 ICPSR Summer Program

The 2020 ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research will open regisitration for all courses on February 11, 2020. Note: All 2020 ICPSR Summer Program workshops and courses will be online this year. For more information, visit the ICPSR Summer Program webpage or contact or (734) 763-7400.

2020 ICPSR Summer Program (Word)
2020 ICPSR Summer Program (PDF)

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