The culture network seeks work exploring culture in two ways. First, we are eager to engage and host discussions of “culture” in its narrower sense, examining forms of entertainment, media, and art as things in themselves alongside the sociological, historical, political, anthropological and economic contexts that explain the appeal, importance, and institutional basis of these expressions across history and around the world. Second, we seek discussions of culture in its much broader sense—the origins, structure, dynamics, and consequences of how people make sense of the world. This includes scholarship on everyday practices and experiences as well as ideologies and worldviews. This broader sense of culture obviously overlaps with virtually any other network, yet what makes culture in this second sense unique is its more explicit focus on processes of meaning, a commitment that might not exist in other ways of studying the world, or, for that matter, in certain ways of studying media, art, or entertainment. The culture network seeks to develop ongoing relationships and cosponsoring opportunities with other networks.

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