Data Infrastructure

The Data Infrastructure Network is interested in broadly addressing issues and themes related to creating datasets for social science history, large and small, and the infrastructure required to support them. We intend to cast a wide net when discussing “data infrastructure,” and topics of interest may include: technology, data capture, sustainability, findability, interoperability, metadata, funding, methodology, collaboration, harmonization, data linkage, and builders of the data. The Data Infrastructure Network is happy to co-sponsor relevant data-intensive sessions with other SSHA Networks, including Economics, Family History and Demography, and Historical Geography and GIS networks, and others.

2022 Sessions

  • New Linked Data Infrastructure: Census Data, Registries, and Vital Records
  • Full Count Census Data: Record Linkage and Databases
  • Sustaining Social Science Infrastructure Into the Future (roundtable)
  • Innovations in Data Infrastructure
  • Mobilizing Census Data: Key Infrastructure Developments

Planning 2023 Sessions

After an enthusiastic launch to the Data Infrastructure Network at SSHA 2022, planning for SSHA 2023 is underway! Data Infrastructure Network meeting attendees began brainstorming topics/themes and potential contributors for SSHA 2023 sessions. The planning spreadsheet is available to view. The network reps invite your contributions and are available to assist with creating a session or submitting a paper.

2023 SSHA Call for Papers

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SSH Call for Papers!

Social Science History announces a new series, Advances in Data and Methods. We invite research articles & review essays that propose, develop or explain new or recently articulated sources and/or methodological techniques for use in social science history.

For more information, please visit:

SSH Call for Papers

Conference Updates from SSHA President Anne McCants

Please read SSHA President Anne McCants’s letter on the 2023 annual conference (see link below). Anne provides updated information on this year’s conference format and new registration fees.

Conference updates from SSHA President Anne McCants

SSHA Call for Papers

49th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association

Washington DC, USA, November 16-19, 2023
The submission deadline has now expired.

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