Historical Geography and GIS

The Historical Geography and GIS Network focuses on the application of spatial thinking to the study of the past, with a growing focus on GIS-based research. Our papers often take an interdisciplinary approach and incorporate topics such as demography, urban studies, environmental history, migration studies, and health, among others.

Recently proposed sessions: - Building Historical “Big Data” Together: Crowd-sourcing, “Citizen Science” and large-scale online collaboration (Humphrey Southall, humphrey.southall@port.ac.uk) - Architectures of Hurry (Richard Dennis, r.dennis@ucl.ac.uk) - Ireland From Below: Mircroscale approaches in HGIS to understanding urban change in the Irish and Irish Diaspora (Nial Cunningham, niall.cunningham@durham.ac.uk) - Historical GIS for Urban Research (S. Wright Kennedy, swk@rice.edu) - From Historical GIS to Historical Spatial Data Infrastructures - Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead (John H Clark, clarkjh@lafayette.edu) - Mapping Communication in Late Medieval Europe (Adam Franklin-Lyons, adamfl@marlboro.edu) - “Big Data” and the renewal of ethnic studies : the spreading of French Canadians over the North American continent, 1850-1918 (Marc St-Hilaire, Marc.St-Hilaire@ggr.ulaval.ca) - Historical GIS and European Environmental History (Robert Schwartz, rschwartz@mtholyoke.edu) - Developing Trends in “Big” Historical GIS: Interdisciplinary Efforts and Methodological Advances (Andrew Beveridge, andy@socialexplorer.com) - Stability, Mobility, Migration and Historical GIS - GIS and Colonial History - Historical GIS and the Study of War - Urban and Rural Environments in the Past

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