Health, Medicine, and Body

The Health, Medicine and Body Network is a group within the Social Science History Association. We are a diverse group of scholars primarily from the fields of anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Our network usually organizes between eight to ten sessions for the annual meeting of the SSHA, and we co-sponsor a number of additional sessions with other networks such as Criminal Justice and Legal History, Family History and Demography, Labor, Race and Ethnicity, and Women, Gender and Sexuality.

The interests of our network members are very broad. Some examples of themes explored in past conferences include medicine and the state; disability; international perspectives on midwifery; the health of prisoners and soldiers; medical practitioners in conflict zones; medical experimentation; the political economy of health; postcolonial biopolitics; global health and development; biologization of mental illness; illness, epidemics and inequality; deviance; crime; science and social engineering; and complimentary and alternative medicine.

While we prefer the submission of full sessions for the annual conference, we are happy to accept individual papers to create innovative panels. Please send submissions by mid February. We are also interested in colleagues who would like to volunteer to serve as a chair or discussant. If anyone is seeking colleagues working on a specific topic that could become a complete panel at the conference, please send queries to our network members via our Facebook page at

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