The Labor Network of the Social Science History Association (SSHA) brings together scholars interested in work, labor, and working-class and labor movements, as they interact with and are formed by class, race, and gender identities and experiences. Engaged in interdisciplinary research, we come from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, economics, history, labor and working-class studies, political science, and sociology. Areas of interest to scholars in the network include but are not limited to comparative and historical perspectives on work; global, national, and local labor movements; class formation and mobilization; inequalities of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation as they shape work and class organization; informal economies, unfree labor, and precarious work; social movements, unions, and working-class organizations and cultures; immigration and family structures.

Embracing “worker self-organization” as a principle for SSHA conferences and democratic collaborative in its practice, the labor network aims to not only provide a forum for intellectual exchange on labor and labor movements, but also to encourage networking, mentoring, and active support for our shared research interests. Our network has common interests with most SSHA networks and organizes and crosslists panels across network lines.

Check out the 2017 Program for the Labor Network Updates. The Labor Network continues to be interested in the following topics looking ahead to the 2018 conference in Phoenix, AZ, November 8-11:

  • Comparative labor history and politics
  • Gender, race, and working-class movements
  • Career Diversity and the Shifting Labor Market in Higher Education
  • Politicization of Police Unions
  • Mass Incarceration and Class and Labor Politics
  • “Fake News” and the Labor Movement
  • Global Anti-Fascism
  • Left and Right Populism and the Working Classes
  • Health and Class Inequality: The Opioid Epidemic, Declining Life Expectancy, and Working-Class Bodies
  • Queering Labor History
  • Digital Labor and Working-Class History Projects
  • New Frontiers for Labor Organizing
  • Anniversaries: World War I Russian Revolution
  • Politics and Working-Class Movements in the Middle East and North Africa and Globally

Network Representatives


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