Macrohistorical Dynamics

Macrohistorical Dynamics (MHD) is an interdisciplinary social science research community that focuses on questions of large-scale, comparative historical inquiry and the epistemic and theoretical problems that arise at that level of inquiry. The network invites collaboration among historians, social scientists, and philosophers around the conceptual and historiographic problems that arise in large-scale historical inquiry. Contributors to the network have brought perspectives on a wide variety of problem areas, including macro- and historical sociology, world history, Eurasian comparisons, comparative study of civilizations, philosophy of history, globalization, and studies of long-term ecological, technological, demographic, cultural, and political processes. The network periodically hosts panels on current philosophy of the social sciences. Since its beginning in 1997, the MHD network has hosted panels that have provided for discussions of important innovations in the conduct and results of large-scale historical and sociological research.

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