The Migration/Immigration Network is one of the largest and most active networks at the SSHA. We strongly encourage an interdisciplinary approach to the study of migration and immigration and, as such, our ranks include historians, sociologists, economists, geographers as well as scholars who specialize in ethnic studies, American studies and Latino/a and Chicano/a studies.

Representing one of the largest presences at the SSHA’s annual meetings, members of the network organize panels and roundtables that investigate migration movements within a transnational framework; explore their implications at the local, national and international level; and analyze the impact that the movement of people, goods, and ideas have in a global context. Attendance at the conference provides participants with an excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent trends in the field, network with other migration scholars and participate in informal gatherings where new and exciting research ideas and collaborative projects come alive. In recent years, our network members have collaborated with other SSHA networks on panels and roundtables, these have included the following: Childhood & Youth; Family History/Demography; Labor, Race & Ethnicity; and, Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

We welcome panel and individual paper submissions for the SSHA Annual Meeting that address the following topics: - Refugees in the Past and Present - Regulating Migration and Migrants - Populism, Nativism and Migration in North America and Europe - Digital History and Migration - Migration in Public History/Public Engagement - Teaching Migration in the Contemporary World - Internal Migration and Population Redistribution - Regulating Migration and Migrants - Population Circulations - Canadians on the Move - Migration, Mobility and Technology - The Politics of Assimilation/Integration - Gender and Migration - Emotions and Migration - Food, Ethnicity and Mobility - Refugee Scholars and Mobile Scholars - Religion and Migration

Sample of proposed sessions for SSHA Annual Meeting 2017: - Migration Organizations in Organizing Migration (Teuntje Vosters: geuntje.vosters@gmail.com) - Trafficking & Slavery: History, Historical Legacies and Modern Day Challenges (Audra Diptee: audra_diptee@carleton.ca) - New Italian Migrations to the United States from 1945 to Present (Joseph Sciorra: joseph.sciorra@qc.cuny.edu) - LGBT and Refugee Migration (Marlou Schrover: m.l.j.c.schrover@hum.leidenuniv.nl) - Emotion, Gender and Migration since 1880 (Linda Reeder: reederls@missouri.edu) - Gender and Deportation in North America: Case Studies from the 20th and 21st Century (Matthieu Caron: matthieu.caron@mail.utoronto.ca) - Innovative Approaches to Teaching Migration and Citizenship in the Classroom and Beyond (Danielle Battisti: daniellebattisti@gmail.com)

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