The Politics Network invites scholarship on political development, political institutions, mobilization, contention and conflict. Sessions listed with the Politics Network are frequently cross-listed with other networks, especially States and Society.

In keeping with the traditions of the SSHA we encourage interdisciplinary panels and welcome paper submissions from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives. While complete panel proposals (at least four papers, a chair, and a discussant) are preferred, we will also do our best to place high-quality individual paper submissions. To aid in this effort, if you would like to submit an individual paper, we greatly appreciate the inclusion of suggestions (with contact information) as to possible panel chairs and discussants. We also encourage anyone submitting an individual paper to invite other scholars who are working on related topics to submit papers as well.

The submission deadline is February 16, 2020; submissions can be made via the following link: http://ssha2020.ssha.org/. Works that align with the 2020 conference theme – Politics, Society, and the Economy: the Past and Today – are particularly welcome. This year the network is also interested in works on the following topics:

  • democracy & party politics, especially pertaining to the 2020 US election year
  • sovereignty, secession & home rule
  • urban, local & state-level politics & political institutions
  • politics of gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity & religion
  • populism & comparative populisms
  • polarization & extremism
  • science/anti-science, expertise & politics, including environmental politics
  • polling/pollsters, consultants & strategists
  • technology, digital media & political communication
  • politics of health & medicine, especially related to epidemics
  • politics of international trade

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Reminder:  SSHA 2021 Submission Deadline

SSHA President Manali Desai provides an update on the 2021 annual conference planning and reminds everyone that the extended submission deadline for SSHA 2021 is fast approaching—April 16.

Reminder:  SSHA 2021 Submission Deadline

2021 Annual Conference submissions deadline extended

The submission deadline for the 2021 SSHA Annual Conference has been extended to April 16th, 2021. Please visit our submission portal (linked below) to submit a paper or session proposal by April 16th, 2021.
2021 SSHA Program Submissions

Richard Sutch Student Travel Awards

The Richard Sutch Student Travel Awards application is now available for the 2021 SSHA annual conference. The deadline for applying is April 30, 2021. To apply, please complete the application form at the following link:
Richard Sutch Student Travel Awards

Allan Sharlin Memorial Book Award

Submissions for the Allan Sharlin Memorial Book Award are now open. Books published in 2019 and 2020 are eligible for consideration. Submissions with a postmark of April 30th (or earlier) will be accepted.

For further information on nominating a book, please visit:

Allan Sharlin Memorial Book Award

SSHA Call for Papers

47th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association

Philadelphia, PA, November 11-14, 2021
Submission Deadline (extended): April 16, 2021

“Crisis, Conjunctures, Turning Points: Theory and Method in Turbulent Times”

SSHA Call for Papers PDF

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