Race and Ethnicity

The Race and Ethnicity Network of the Social Science History Association is a community of scholars who hail from a variety of disciplines, including History, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, area studies, and Anthropology, among others. We employ a wide range of theoretical perspectives to study how race and ethnicity interact with politics, culture, states, institutions, and identities. While a portion of our network members may focus on understanding contemporary processes, we do so with attention to the historical lineages and events that shape them.

In line with the SSHA model, we aim to sponsor interdisciplinary panels that promote thought-provoking conversations about new and old questions and the development of innovative theory. Our network overlaps in interests with most of the other SSHA networks, but we most often co-sponsor panels with the Migration/Immigration network, the Crime, Justice, and the Law network, the Politics network, and the Education/Knowledge/Science network. During our network meeting at the annual conference, we invite attendees to propose session themes for the following conference, including recently published books in the field.

For the 2017 annual conference, the Race and Ethnicity network invited paper and panel submissions related to the following themes:

  • “Scholars Ignored:” Patterns of Exclusion in Academia
  • Social Movements and Politics
  • History and Memories of Rights Battles
  • Pedagogy, preservation/continuity of struggle
  • Defining an Intersectional Politics
  • Sexuality, Solidarities, and Networks of Activism
  • Race and Politics: Panels addressing the contemporary political situation
  • The Far Right Movements
  • The Far Right and Racialization
  • Resistance to Far Right Movements
  • White Nationalism, the construction of Whiteness
  • Refugees
  • Racialization
  • Criminalization as Racialization
  • Spatialization of Racialization (e.g., ghettos and internment camps)
  • Intersections of Race and Religion
  • First Nations: Histories, Activism

You are welcome to submit abstracts for papers regarding any of the listed topics, or on a topic relating to your own research at http://conference.ssha.org. If you would be interested in putting together an entire panel, let us know and we would be happy to provide you with details as to how to do this.

Please feel free to check our Facebook page, which you can find by searching for “Race/Ethnicity Network - Social Science History Association” or by following the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RaceEthnicity-Network-Social-Science-History-Association/113130038802365

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