States and Society

The States and Society Network invites scholarship on state-building, social change, social conflict, political institutions, and social development, among other topics.

The submission deadline for 2018 is March 1, 2018; submissions can be made via the following link: This year the States and Society network is also interested in works on the following topics (generated by the participants at our network meeting in 2016 and 2017!): - Borders and immigration - Legitimation crises - Political violence - Nation states and statistics - Ethnic communities and the state - Alternatives to neoliberalism - Critical junctures/events - WWI legacies - 500 year anniversary of the Reformation

Finally, if you or someone you know has a topical book related to this conference’s theme and would like to organize an author meets critics panels that is welcome as well – please let us know since the allotment for these are more limited!

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