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With scholars from history, economics, sociology, demography, anthropology, and other social sciences, the association brings together scholars in thematic networks where they can explore common questions. Each network organizes its own call for papers and selects the bulk of the papers to be presented at the annual conference. This open, flexible, and non-hierarchical structure makes these networks particularly welcoming spaces for younger scholars and invigorating tonic for older academics.

  • How do I submit a paper or a full panel for the conference?*

    • When you submit your paper or your panel through the “Submit a Paper” button at the bottom the main page (or by following instructions on the “Conference” tab), you will be asked which network should consider the paper. You may not be sure whether you’ve submitted your paper to the most appropriate network, but the network representatives can forward the paper to a different network for further consideration.
  • Do panels need to contain more than one discipline?

    • Yes, the panels should not have all of its papers coming from the same discipline. At least one paper should represent a different discipline. In an ideal situation, scholars will find themselves pushed in unexpected ways by having to communicate their ideas across disciplinary divides. Sometimes there will be a panel that looks as if all of the authors come from the same discipline, but for the most part, SSHA panels strive to be diverse.
  • What do I do if I decide that I cannot come to the conference but I am scheduled to present a paper? It is important that you write to sshassocation at gmail dot com and that you copy the program co-chairs if you have to withdraw your paper after it has been accepted. As a courtesy to your colleagues, informing everyone right away will give program organizers a chance to make adjustments to the panel ahead of time. The emails for the program co-chairs are as follows: ReederLS at Missouri dot edu, dwmayrl at Colby dot edu, Barry.eidlin at mccill dot ca

  • Why should I go to Network meetings at the Friday lunch hour of the conference?

    • You don’t have to stay for the whole network meeting. Some people go to several overlapping network meetings. The network meetings offer an opportunity to brainstorm about author-meets-critics sessions, important cross-disciplinary panels that might address a shared problem, and to offer feedback on the types of papers or panels individuals would like to encourage or that they would like to organize for the next year. It is also a great place for graduate students, junior faculty, mid-career, and senior faculty to talk about ideas in a relaxed setting and to know one another better.
  • How are network representatives selected?

    • The SSHA uses a bottom-up process for selecting network representatives. At the Network meetings there is a discussion of who wants to volunteer to assist the network. If there is not a consensus in the group about the new network co-chairs (who should come from different disciplines), the program co-chairs and the executive committee can help.


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