June 15, 2020

SSHA Executive Committee Statement on Racism and History

Throughout the world, people have been outraged by George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police. They have protested and demanded action, for his death was simply the latest chapter in a long and painful history of injustice, discrimination, and violent oppression visited upon African Americans. Floyd’s death and the demonstrations that followed force us all to confront that history and to call for lasting change, change both in government policy and in our own behavior.

As officers and members of the executive committee of the Social Science History Association, we support the protestors who call for action and condemnation of acts of racism. We urge all members to reflect on the harm that our history causes African Americans, from deaths at the hands of the police to higher pandemic mortality rates and systemic inequality that keeps children from realizing their potential. And we ask members to consider too how their own silence may aggravate that harm.

Most of us will conclude that we have to do something. Some may redirect their research toward analyzing the sad consequences of our history. Others may choose to protest and to work for lasting reform.

Other academic organizations have issued statements about the tragic events in our country, their historical roots, and the need for change. We endorse the spirit of their suggestions, which may help us decide what course of action to take. Here are examples from associations of anthropologists, economists, historians, political scientists, and sociologists:

Whatever you decide to do, please do not simply stand on the sidelines.

SSHA Executive Committee

2020 Conference Update

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The SSHA Executive Committee has voted to endorse the following statement on racism and history:

SSHA Executive Committee Statement on Racism and History

SSHA 2020 update and Covid-19

Planning for the 2020 annual meeting continues! We have an exciting meeting planned around the theme of “Politics, Society, and the Economy: the Past and Today”, and November is far enough in the future that it makes sense to continue planning our meeting as usual at the present time. For more information and latest program updates please visit: 2020 SSHA Program

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The 2020 ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research will open regisitration for all courses on February 11, 2020. Note: All 2020 ICPSR Summer Program workshops and courses will be online this year. For more information, visit the ICPSR Summer Program webpage or contact or (734) 763-7400.

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