2017-2018 Officers

Steven Ruggles
University of Minnesota (History)

Vice President
Philip Hoffman
California Institute of Technology (Economics)

Executive Director
William C. Block
Cornell University (CISER)

Katherine A. Lynch
Carnegie Mellon University (History)

Executive Committee

Term Expires 2019

  • Hilde Bras
    Wageningen University (Sociology)

  • Cedric de Leon
    Providence College (Sociology)

  • Fatma Müge Göçek
    University of Michigan (Sociology)

Term Expires 2020

  • Martin Dribe
    Lund University (History)

  • Mara Loveman
    University of California, Berkeley (Sociology)

  • Emily Erikson
    Yale University (Sociology)

Term Expires 2021

  • Stephanie Mudge
    University of California, Davis (Sociology)

  • Trevon Logan
    Ohio State University (Economics)

  • Elisabeth Engberg
    Umeå University (History)

Publications Committee

Term Expires 2019

  • Julian Go
    Boston University (Sociology)

  • Nancy Tatarek
    Ohio University (Anthropology)

Term Expires 2020

  • Richard Lachmann
    SUNY Albany (Sociology)

  • Alice O’Connor
    University of California, Santa Barbara (History)

Term Expires 2021

  • Evan Roberts
    University of Minnesota (Sociology)

  • Sumner Lacroix
    University of Hawai‘i-Mānoa (Economics)

2018 Program Committee

Barry Eidlin
McGill University (Sociology)

Damon W. Mayrl
Colby College (Sociology)

Linda S. Reeder
University of Missouri (History)

Past Presidents

Frederick Wherry
Princeton University (Sociology)

Alice Bee Kasakoff
University of South Carolina (Anthropology)

Myron Gutmann
University of Colorado (History)


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